Medicine for Humanity is healing women and training doctors.

We believe every woman should have the opportunity to be healed from the devastating effects of childbirth injuries.

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Healing Women.

There is a shocking shortage of medical services in the developing world, and facilities primarily dedicated to fistula repair are a rarity.

Medicine for Humanity is restoring hope and dignity to women and mothers in Uganda by making access to care possible.

  • Fistula surgery and recovery care
  • Center for Gynecologic and Fistula Care
  • Patient education seminars
Our Fistula Care Center

Training Doctors.

There exists a tremendous gap between the number of women who need care and the number of skilled healthcare workers who can provide it.

Medicine for Humanity is dedicated to eliminating health disparities and changing that paradigm.  We are working to address inequity by creating capacity and building a future by training a new generation of Ugandan doctors and nurses.

  • On-site surgical training program
  • Medical education lecture series provided on-site and remotely for resident doctors, nurses and medical students 
  • Urogynecology Leadership Fellowship
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What We've Done


Fistula & reparative surgeries performed


Doctors and advocates trained


C-sections Performed

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