Dollies Making A Difference Blog- July 2016

In 1995, Dr. Leo Lagasse and his wife Anne were on a trip to Africa where they witnessed firsthand, the “plight and suffering of women who lack access to proper health care”. Moved to action, Dr. Lagasse returned to Los Angeles and started Medicine for Humanity, a non-profit that is guided by the believe that “Globally, every woman should have the opportunity to be healed from the devastating effects of childbirth injuries”. Dr. Lagasse called upon his colleagues to return to Africa, as well as other countries such as Eritrea, Philippines, Mongolia, Nepal, Ethiopia, Kenya, Cameroon, Niger and Uganda, to work “elbow to elbow” with local physicians to provide training and care to mothers in need.

Today, Medicine for Humanity is headed by UCLA Medical Center gynecologist and obstetrician Dr. Christopher Tarney. Dollies Making A Difference was connected to this worthy organization by UCLA student Pooja Parameshwar, who volunteered on the 2015 medical mission trip to Uganda. Because of Pooja’s experience in Uganda, she is now pursuing a medical career in medicine, and will be going on her second medical mission to Uganda in September 2016…taking more Dollies and Teddy Bears with her!

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