Maurice Muhire

Fistula Program Coordinator

“During the fistula programs, I hope that patients can successfully heal. We have very many mothers in villages who have problems [resulting from childbirth], but they have no funds to come to be healed. I appreciate Medicine for Humanity for this wonderful program that is going to help mothers suffering from fistula, prolapse, and many issues.”

Medicine for Humanity began its work in Uganda in 2009. Maurice Muhire was a volunteer at MFH’s initial fistula program In Mbarara and went on to become our local Coordinator. He supports the MFH team and acts as the key liaison between patients of the MFH fistula programs and staff at the Mbarara University of Science and Technology/Mbarara Regional Referral Hospital. He plans, oversees, and coordinates all logistical and operational details of the program, including patient record keeping and scheduling. Fluent in English and several local dialects, Maurice also contributes invaluable skills as a translator and interpreter for patients. Since the beginning, Maurice has been an integral part of MFH and his efforts are crucial to our sustainability, continuity, and growth. He is a proud father of four and was born and raised in Uganda.

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