Susan Lagasse, Ph.D.

Board Member

Susan Lagasse, Ph.D. Is the daughter of Leo D. Lagasse, MD, the founder of Medicine for Humanity and Ann Lagasse. She is a clinical psychologist working in private practice in San Diego, California. She shares her parents’ passion for excellence in health care and commitment to issues of social justice. Susan brings to the board of Medicine for Humanity the desire to honor and extend the vision and mission of Dr. Lagasse’s work which is to provide excellence and innovation in health care, ethical treatment of all patients and caregivers, and provide care to the underserved populations of women. Susan brings prior experience as a member of the board of directors of the San Diego Psychological Association. Susan Lagasse is married to Brad Yates, Ph.D. and together they maintain the Lagasse and Yates, Psychology Corporation. They have two children, Timothy and Sydney Yates.

Susan’s words to live by: “Not all of us can do great things. But, we can do small things with great love.”   -Mother Theresa

Medicine for Humanity is honored to have the Lagasses’ legacy continue with Susan serving on the board.

While I have known Medicine for Humanity since its inception, I decided to join the Board when it came time for my parents to retire. I was with them on their first trip to Africa in 1987 when the spark was lit for Dr. Lagasse about the profound need for women’s health there. He raised our family and his generations of residents and fellows with a singular commitment to excellence and to service. When illness cut short his tenure with Medicine for Humanity, I felt drawn to continue his legacy with my presence with the organization and was appreciative of being included on the Board.

My background as a clinical psychologist means that daily I am in the arena with the struggles and angst that human beings encounter. I have focused especially on treating the trauma that affects vulnerable people. I try to bring a comparable empathy and witness to the work of Medicine for Humanity and it has enriched me also.

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