Bake sale participants (left to right) Shay Shamsian, Ava Norrell, Kiera Norrell, Basile Scoffie, Annie Moulene and Lauren Maischoss sell goods in front of Vintage Grocers May 7.

Students’ service project benefits Malibu’s Medicine For Humanity

Lauren CoughLin, editor

A whole lot of dough recently went toward raising dough of another variety.


Malibu High School students Shay Shamsian, Ava Norrell, Kiera Norrell, Basile Scoffie, Annie Mou- lene and Lauren Maischoss came together Sunday, May 7, to raise funds for Malibu nonprofit Medicine For Hu- manity through a bake sale in front of Malibu’s Vin- tage Grocers.

“It went very well,” said Norrell, who said their grand total came out to about $300.

That money will go to- ward the organization’s mission to provide surgical repairs to mothers in Uganda who are suffering from effects of childbirth injuries.

“Unfortunately, over 200,000 woman in Uganda suffer the devastating effects of obstetric fistula, an injury that occurs during childbirth,” explained Shelley O’Connor, executive director of Medicine For Humanity.

The students chose the organization as the beneficiary of their collective community service learning project after brainstorming and hearing about the organization from Maischoss, whose mom, Patricia, is on the nonprofit’s board.

We liked how it is a local organization and we thought that was a good thing to support,” said Norrell, a sophomore at MHS. “We also all really like the aims of the organization and how it [helps] women who cant afford surgery.”

The students offered baked goods including cookies, fudge and other handmade items for $1 apiece.”

“The distance from Malibu to Mbarara is 9,392 miles, but as our Malibu High students have shown love, caring and compassion has no boundaries,” O’Connor added. “As a community, we should all be very proud.”

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