A woman's story.

Meet Diannah: a 29 year old mother of three, seeking treatment and repair for a severe vaginal tear that occurred during her most recent delivery, resulting in incontinence to stool. Not only does such an injury invoke painful physical consequences, but it can also result in serious emotional and social issues. Feelings of abnormality, embarrassment, and shame, coupled with challenges related to financial strain, familial/community obligations, or lack of adequate support are likely to inhibit many young women from seeking care.

In response to the physical and societal barriers to care which many women face, Diannah offers some words of encouragement: “You must try before you fail, because there is nothing that can be had unless you have [at least] tried.”

This undisputable determination to heal is a trait which we admire in our patients. We ask Diannah what she is most grateful for, after having overcome challenges that she says were “too many” to count. She replies, “I have got enough care, I have got treatment for the problem which brought me [to the hospital], and I have seen wonders.”

By easing some of the burdens women like Diannah face, MFH is better able to provide access to surgical treatment and support her as she heals. We are grateful to those who support MFH, for allowing us to give Diannah a very good reason to never stop trying.