Ellie Kanner

Board Member

Ellie Kanner has worked in the entertainment industry as a talent agent, casting director and director/producer.

She was responsible for casting the television pilots for FRIENDS, SEX AND THE CITY, DREW CAREY, along with many series and movies.

As a director she’s helmed television episodes BOSTON LEGAL, DEAD ZONE, GREEK and more, as well as feature films, AUTHORS ANONYMOUS, FOR THE LOVE OF MONEY, WAKE and CRAZYLOVE, all films received worldwide distribution.

She recently directed a short form series DROPPING THE SOAP, which will be released in March 2017 on AMAZON PRIME, GOOGLE PLAY and ITUNES.

Ellie co-authored two books, NEXT! An Actor’s Guide to Auditioning and How NOT to Audition.

Ellie is in the process of manufacturing a board game that she has co-created for preschoolers, to help teach life skills focusing on safety issues.

She’s involved with several non-profit organizations, Plus Wonder (inspiring partnerships for a better world and a better life), Gen-Speak (encourages high schoolers to use their voice and speak out on issues important to them)and recently, Medicine for Humanity.

She’s also a single mom raising two boys, living in Pacific Palisades.

Ellie’s words to live by: “There’s always a solution.  Sometimes it takes time to find it.  It requires patience, faith and collaboration.  Every problem can be solved if people are willing to do the work.”

When I met Chris and LanAnh and heard about what they were doing I immediately wanted to contribute.  I was very busy working at that time but I helped financially as best as I could. I just wanted them to succeed.

I was invited to their next fundraiser and heard the first hand stories of these women whose lives they were saving.  I was moved and inspired by what MFH was accomplishing.   After I saw the affect they had on more women on their latest trip I knew I wanted to be involved.

I’m a director/producer so I’m used to seeing projects as a whole. We’d like to show the world what needs to be done to help millions of women around the world.  It doesn’t take much.  But it does take a bit of time and attention from others.

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