Meet Evarlyne, a 26-year old mother with a rectovaginal fistula that occurred during a difficult labor. Evarlyne came to the MFH/MUST fistula camp with her mother and her daughter, a strong support system, during this difficult time. Evarlyne opens up to tell us about the daily burdens and the immense psychosocial consequences of living with fistula.


Kellen is a 35 year-old woman who came to the MFH/MUST fistula camp needing repair for a severe perineal tear that occurred during childbirth. Like many of our patients, Kellen struggled with the physical and emotional burdens of her severe perineal tear, which resulted in her being incontinent to stool as well has experiencing pain during intercourse. She explains to us, through translator, how her personal life suffered.


Meet Diannah: a 29 year old mother of three, seeking treatment and repair for a severe vaginal tear that occurred during her most recent delivery, resulting in incontinence to stool. Not only does such an injury invoke painful physical consequences, but it can also result in serious emotional and social issues.


Miriam is a 52-year old refugee from the Democratic Republic of Congo, who fled to Uganda in a period of turmoil in her home country. Overcoming tremendous obstacles, Miriam safely made it to Uganda, and found a new home in a refugee camp. However, Miriam knew something was wrong when she felt her uterus protruding and bulging outside of her body, but was unable to access adequate health services for this issue.